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About Baker Tilly Hem LLP


At a Glance

A full service firm for Assurance, Taxation, Company secretary, Project Finance, Start-up ventures, Backoffice accounting support, Human Resource consulting services with over 20 years of experience in servicing clients (Individuals and Corporates) in Uganda.  

250+ Clients

50+ Employees (including 15+ professionals)

3 Partners

1 Indian Location

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Our Vision

  • Our vision is to effectively contribute to the development of the Uganda and African economic fabric by offering personalized services to organizations that wish to ensure their development while strengthening their governance.

  • All this, of course, based on a relationship of trust.

Our Mission

  • For us each customer is special. We take the time to listen to them, to understand their business, to grasp their challenges, their functioning and their values.
  • Our mission is to create value for our clients by offering them customised services that are perfectly adapted to their needs and by solving their problems in a structured and methodical manner.